Monday, July 4, 2011

HAUL: Swapmeet (Thrift/Cheap finds!)

My friend, Michelle, and I went swapmeet shopping in Orange County a few days ago and we bought a lot of things. If you search orange county swapmeets on google, you will find a few (Cypress, Goldenwest, OCC, Stanton, Anaheim, ...) and all of these swapmeets have really great bargains/deals. Michelle and I are both alike in terms of loving cheap items so of course we would go to the swapmeet and hunt for deals! BTW, everything we bought is BRAND NEW in its original package.

I bought both of these purses. They were $15 each. They are both so versatile! They can both be worn as a  crossbody bag or a shoulder bag. The brown one above has metal studs on the side and I was contemplating whether or not to get it in brow or black. I was on the verge of buying both colors! The grey one below is extremely cute because of its quilted texture and gold chain strap.

When I took this picture, Michelle was like "What kind of picture is this?!" Yes, my photography skills are terrible haha. The picture is out of focus so the beautiful print of the fabric can't be shown sadly =( The top fabric is a silky material with little connected chained loops over black. I bought 2 yards of it for a total of $3. The bottom fabric is a tunic kind of material and it is in a purple/grey color. I bought 2.5 yards of it for only $2! I'm planing to make a romper with the top fabric and make some kind of ruffled top with the bottom one.

These are Michelle's purchases. She bought a dotting tool for $1. One end is thinner than the other. The picture to the right is a nail stamping kit. It is a knockoff of Konad. It was $5 and Michelle was so lucky  to get the last plate with Hello Kitty on it. The next time I go back to the swapmeet, I hope that they will restock so I can get one for myself and also get one to give out in a giveaway!

These accessories are Michelle's purchases also. The bracelet is so cute because it is black and gold. It has the same strap/material as my grey quilted purse strap pictured above! The necklace is SO cute too! Do you see all the little charms that come with it? Flowers, wing, heart, etc. Each of these accessories were $2.50. They're also from F21.

This picture is a mix of Milani cosmetic products. Only the eyeshadow is mine, and everything else is Michelle's. The eyeshadow is in the color Moonlight, it is a white color with few purple/blue undertones. The two nail polishes are 'Totally Cool' and 'Truth or Bare'. The buzzworthy lip gloss is in the color 'Be Gone 06'. The HD advanced concealer is in the shade 04. The lipstick is in the color "Attitude." (Check out the video for swatches/thoughts!)
Michelle bought this for a friend of ours. It is 3 yards of white lace ribbon and costed $0.75. I knew that Michelle wanted to buy this for our friend because she had a hole in her shirt and needed the lace to fix the shirt. But, I got a surprise while we were filming the haul, because Michelle said that I would be the one fixing the shirt, I just didn't know it yet. LOL, those 2 sneaky sneakies!
I bought 2 of these. I usually use another kind of air freshener for my car. It is also in the scent "squash" but it's rectangular and comes in a case. It costs $10 though so I hate replacing it! Although the scent is breathtaking and I've been using it in my family for the last 7 years. I then saw this one also in the scent "squash" so I decided to give it a try! It was 2 for $5 which is SO cheap. I'm already using one in my car, and it makes my car smell really good. The scent of this one does differ from my $10 one because this one is  a tiny more citrus-y. Either way, I LOVE this scent. It smells NOTHING like the squash vegetable so don't be grossed out haha I promise it smells amazing <3 (I'm super picky on scents!)
These lace tops were $5 each. The picture does not do the detailings of these shirts justice! We caught the sun at a bad time and so our pictures came out bad.  This shirt's material is AMAZING quality and its original price is $28. Michelle and I ended up each buying the same shirt! Just in different sizes. Hopefully we won't clash and accidentally wear it on the same day, hehe. Please watch the video to see how beautiful these tops are.
Both of these are Michelle's shirts. They were $5 each. The one to the left is so beautiful and I'm really sad that the sun ruined the picture! Please watch the video =) The front has a butterfly that is made up of  pink/peach lace. The back also has an area of pink/peach lace. So cute<3 The top to the right is a loose fitting top with a pocket. I think it's perfect for summer. It's currently on sale at F21 for $14 but she bought it for only $5! It's from F21 but we got a great deal by shopping at the swapmeet.
I bought both of these items. The nail polish is by Kleancolor in the color Metallic Black. The name is the perfect description for its color, LOL. It was $1. I also bought the Stop Nail stamping kit for $5. The patterns are mostly just flowers. I'm so jealous of Michelle's hello kitty one!
Lastly, I bought this thin cotton pullover sweater. It feels SO soft and lightweight which I love. I have a feeling that I'll overwear it this fall =) It even has triangle center that is made up of black lace. How adorable! It was $5 as well.

That's it for my and Michelle's swapmeet haul! We plan to return in either 2 or 4 weeks  (We're BROKE now and also waiting for new inventory(:  ) Hopefully we'll have a haul next time too. 

The video will be uploaded soon.

xo Tracey

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  1. oooh(: I must go to the Swap Meet near my house someday! Except we need an entrance fee =( This has inspired me so much to go!!! I usually see thrift store hauls, but never a swap meet one! My parents don't really want me going to thrift stores because they're afraid of the cleanliness. Ah well, gbyee(: Hope you follow my blog!


    P.S. Remember me? haha, the one who asked about Cerritos LIbraryyyy(:


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