Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Buy: Camera, GPS, Ipad 2

A little over a week ago, I stopped by Best Buy in order to buy a GPS as a present. I already have the TomTom XL 340M 4.3-Inch Portable GPS Navigator and since TomTom is the best GPS brand out there, I decided to also buy this brand as a present. Therefore, I picked up the exact same thing at BestBuy for $159 + tax.

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I have been wanting to buy a new camera for a while. The reasoning is that my Canon Sd770IS somehow always make me look really orange in low light and night time. I have been unsatisfied with the camera after the first month I bought it two years ago. Strangely, I still keep purchasing canons! All of my cameras have been from this brand, and all of them have disappointed me when it came to taking good quality pictures during the night time and low light settings. After about a month of research, I decided to get the Canon s95 or the Canon rebel t21. I needed an upgrade because I want to post high quality HD videos on youtube. Both of these cameras had 720p HD. Being a jobless high schooler, I knew that it would take me a while to save up to buy one of these cameras so I was planning to get it in August right before college starts. But, while I was at Best Buy, I past by the camera section and I saw the Canon SD1400IS digital elph. I thought it was really cute because it seemed so sleek and I love the black color. It even goes up to 1080p HD!

It is orginally $199 but while I was there, it was on sale $149. So, I decided to just get it because $149 is a lot better than paying $399 for the Canon s95. I know that the picture quality isn't comparable to the s95 but it does have more HD settings so I figured why not? It was affordable too! I'm really glad I bought the camera though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much. I'm so glad I made this purchase, even though it was on a whim, hehe.

Then, yesterday I stopped by Walmart to pick up a camera case.
This one is from the brand "case logic" and it was $9. I stood in front of the camera cases selection aisle for about 35 minutes because I was so undecisive!!!!! I always have this problem. The other case that I was about to choose had thicker/more secure padding but it seemed too bulky. The case that I chose to buy (pictured left) is the perfect size for my new sleek camera and it even has a screen protector side to the case. The protector thing is honestly not that dependable though, lol. If you're planning on getting a camera case, there is a GREAT quality one from Best Buy with Hello Kitty on it. It runs for $12.99 but it is adorable and it is the same material as my other hard case for my old camera. Trust me, it is worth buying.

I have also wanted to buy the ipad 2. I decided to buy it the same time that I buy my camera in August but now that I bought my camera early, I'm not sure whether or not I should still buy it. I mean, I think that I will see it as just as a toy if I have it. I can't really use it for school much because it is much more convenient to use my laptop. I even prefer my desktop over my laptop so if I had the ipad 2, I know that I would only use it for fun and games. I still have time to decide. I've been charging up many purchases on my credit card with these recent technological purchases, so should I be really adding an ipad2 onto my list of debt? Hmmmm.
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Well, that's it for my mini technology blog/haul =)

xo Tracey

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