Monday, June 20, 2011

Nail Polish Collection

I'm pretty sure that some of you guys know that I'm a nail polish addict! LOL. Well, I'm actually not addicted to having many nail polishes but I'm hooked onto changing my nail designs weekly. Yes, I know that it is really bad for my nails and all, but I can't help it >.< I change my nails weekly, and it has turned into a characteristic that people distinguish me by. At school or work, on Mondays people would come up and ask to see my nails for the week. Isn't that funny? Haha. The strange thing is that I usually wear the same colors over and over again but just change the design. Okay, too much blabbering, let's get to the main point of this post! Here is a quick look at my nail collection:

Watch my video here to see the nail polishes in more detail:

Product list (in order of being shown in video):

Kleancolor Gold Shimmer
Kleancolor Sparkle Purple
Kleancolor Sparkle Emerald
Kleancolor Blackout
Santee Copper Kiss Glitter
Sinful Colors This Is It
Sally Hansen Disco Ball
N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter
Santee Ruby Glitter
Sally Girl Sparkle Effects: Gold Digger
Sally Girl Sparkle Effects: Teal/Green/Blue
Sally Girl Sparkle Effects: Lavish Lavender

Jordana Calcium Boost Base Coat
Kleancolor Lavenbaby
LA Girl Deep shimmery purple
Kleancolor Black Hole
Kleancolor Love Affair
Debbilia 15
Craquelado Purple
from Sally Beauty: For Rhinestones Only!
Kleancolor top coat
Kleancolor Holo Chrome
Kleancolor Black
Wet&Wild French White Creme
Wet&Wild Morbid
Sally Hansen Pink Slip
Sinful Colors What's Your Name

Wet&Wild Tickled Pink
Jordana Pink Pearl
New York Hot Pink
Inner Beauty Purple Passion
New  York Hot Rocket Pink
Passion Taquilla Sunrise
Sation Tiki Punch
Wet & Wild Burgundy Frost
Rimmel Shocker
Craquelado Pearl Pink
Passion Your Desire
Cheri Eclipse Of Orange
Santee Vikini Orange
Kleancolor Pastel Orange
Wet&Wild Misty Rose

Kleancolor Pastel Teal
Lendi Blue Sky
Kleancolor Cobalt
Kleancolor Silver Lining
Kleancolor Teal Envy
NDB (No Name) Green
Wet&Wild Sapphire Blue
Chelsea Green Paradise
Kleancolor Mermaid
Santee Vikini Green
Craquelado Neon Yellow
Craquelado Green
Wet&Wild Caribbean Frost
Kleancolor Forest Fairy
Santee Pearl Jungle

Cm Hottie Pink
CM White
Cm Light Purple
Cm Pink Pearl
Cm Electric Green
Cm Sonic Yellow
Cm Royal Purple
Cm Black
Santee Gold Glitter
Cm Hot Yellow
Cm Ocean Blue
Precision Run Forest! Run!
Cm Ashy Green

Yes, I'm aware that besides Wet&Wild, Rimmel, Sally Hansen, and Sinful Colors, the other brands are very unfamiliar. You can find these brands in Asian Beauty Supply stores. Santee & Kleancolor are brands that are commonly sold at China Town as well as swapmeets. They run for only $1! Almost all of my nail polishes are under $1, besides Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen, and Rimmel. OH, and the exception of Wet&Wild: Morbid. I am in LOVE with the brand Kleancolor, it is only $1/bottle and the pigmentation is AMAZING. The brush is a little too big for my small nails though. Other than that, I definitely recommend this brand!

xo Tracey

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