Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD: Lace & Ruffles

I'm always roaming around Cerritos, CA because I love the many restaurants there. So, last Tuesday, I came here to take a few pictures and this is my outfit. I don't dress very feminine, so this lace dress felt incredibly girly to me when I had it on, lol.

Ruffle heels (5 inches high! but SUPER comfy): Charlotte Russe

The usual routine that I do when I go to Cerritos is eat out; and it's always a cycle between Thai food, Korean food, or Guppy's. This time, I chose Guppy's. Here's a picture inside =) If you haven't heard of Guppy Tea House, you sure are missing out! They have delicious Asian cuisine and are famous for their ginormous bowl of shaved ice (size small is for 4+ people). The shaved ice is drizzled with sweet condensed milk and topped with freshly cut fruits! The first time I stepped into Guppy's for the first time in the summer of 2007, I thought I found heaven when my shaved ice order came out, LOL.

In case you're wondering, yes I did change. I changed into this teal forever 21 dress that i bought almost 3 years, haha. The lace dress just felt way too girly and dressy for me to go around the city with, so I slipped into this casual dress.

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