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Favorites of the month: June 2011

I want to apologize once more for not doing my May 2011 Favorites. I was in Las Vegas during the end of May and when I came back, I was much too lazy to record one and I didn't want to rush a video because I believe in quality. I also didn't have that much products to share with you guys. With that being said, here are my June 2011 favorites =)  :
Freeman Facial Clay Mask: Mint & Lemon
This mask is perfect for anyone with oily skin!!!! If you have an oily T-zone or just oily skin all over, this mask will be a lifesaver because it helps control my oils! I love how invigorating it feels and I like the scent also. I'm usually very picky on scents of products but this one satisfied me. It cleanses deep down in to your pores and if I have a cystic pimple, I would use this and the next morning; it would shrink down to less than half its size.
Shiseido Pureness deep cleansing foam creme (Sephora $22)
This cleanser is great for all skin types. It works well even for sensitive skin because it is so gentle. It has gentle exfoliating beads inside and it makes my skin incredibly clean. It destroys every trace of dirt and makeup. I honestly think it's worth the money! 
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Skin Clearing Travel Kit (The Body Shop $25)
This kit has helped me so much with my acne problems. By using it with the Shiseido cleanser, I have noticed that I rarely get breakouts anymore. My acne scars have also lightened, not DRASTICALLY, but I can see a difference. I will be purchasing the regular sized bottles of these products! They don't make my acne inflamed like drugstore products usually do.

Tresemme curl activator spray/heat protectant (Walmart $4)
I love that this has a spray! Since it's a mist, it's so much easier to use than my 
CHI silk infusion. It's much cheaper too!
Loreal Paris Elnett Satin extra strong hold hairspray (Target $14)
This hairspray is great! It holds my curls well and does not make it stiff at all. It doesn't last long though, I'd say 7 hours maximum. It also disappears at the stroke of a brush! Come on, you know there are those days when you come home so late and you just want to jump onto your bed without washing your hair. With this hairspray, you just need to quickly brush through your hair once, and the product will disappear, revealing your natural hair again! Isn't that amazing?! There needs to be a quicker & more efficient way to remove makeup too because I have way too many of those nights where I just want to drop down on my bed instead of taking off the gunk on my face and in my hair, lol
SG Salon Grafix invisible dry spray shampoo (Walmart $6)
This is a must have if you have oily hair. I have super oily bangs and this has helped so much. I'm also someone who is obsessed with having volume in my hair so this is just perfect. It adds so much volume to my hair and it's a lifesaver for second day hair. It makes your hair feel refreshed like you just came out of the shower, even if you haven't washed your hair for 2+ days =)
Wet n Wild creme liner: black (drugstores $4)
This is a huge upgrade from my Coastal Scents gel liner. It does not smudge at all and it's super pigmented. It even lasts for a long time although I have oily eyelids. If you're looking for a gel/creme liner, I really recommend this one!

Claudia Stevens Hair Highlighter: Gold (left) and Bronze (right) (Sally Beauty Supply, $5 each)
This adds color to my hair without me having to chemically process them! What an amazing invention =)
IOPE SS Conditioning Spiral Base
IOPE SS Conditional Foundation
The base makes my foundation long lasting as well as make my foundation look even. It matifies my oily face also. The foundation is to die for! I think that it's water based because it feels so lightweight, even more light than a tinted moisturizer! Coverage is medium. I have the darkest shade yet it's still light for me so I use a dark setting powder  and it evens out :)
Uno cards!! (Target $5.25)
No need for an explanation (:
 corepower yoga
visit corepoweryoga.com to print out a one week free coupon and for the closest location to you. I did the yoga sculpt class. I swear, this 60 min class made me sweat more than I did my entire life combined. I feel like my fat is melting off my body. I've only done 4 classes but I feel my body already tightening up. My fat doesn't feel as jiggly anymore lol. I will not be joining this yoga class permanently because the price is just too high. I really enjoyed it though, and you can try out like I did with the free 1 week coupon =)
 Victoria Secret Dream Angels Heavenly Summer Perfume ($25)
If you didn't know, I'm very picky when it comes to perfumes/scents. I get headaches easily so it's hard for me to find the perfect scent. Victoria's Secret Heavenly has been a favorite of mine for the last 5 years. It's the only perfume I use. This year, it came out with a summer version. I like it because it still kept the original heavenly scent with just a hint of a fruity scent. I will be using this throughout the whole summer! It's so uplifting.

Victoria Secret Dream Angels Heavenly 3 piece: Body Wash, Perfume, Body Lotion $17.50 (50% off $35)
For the semi-anual sale, I picked up this set of my favorite scent of course! Every semi anual sale I would stock up on 6-7 bottles of the body lotion and 6-7 bottles of the perfume. They didn't have the individual bottles for sale at the locations near me and I tried 3 different locations! I only found this set of 3 that came with a small gold purse, which I will be turning into a clutch btw. It's orignally $35 but it was half off so I bought it for only $17.50. I don't like the body wash but it was too much of a good deal to pass up!

McDonald's Caramel Iced Coffee w/ Extra Caramel
If you didn't know before, then I will let you know a fact about me. I'm a huge coffee addict. I'm so addicted that you'll be disgusted at me :( haha. I have to have at least 1 coffee drink a day, and I usually go for more than 1.. I am just crazy for coffee. There is a variety of coffee places that I prefer, but one that I love is McDonald's caramel iced coffee. I've been drinking this since freshman year of high school 3 years ago. Recently, I realized that the coffee has lost its flavor, McDonald's seems to be charging me the same price but putting less caramel syrup in!!! So one day, I decided to ask the drive through lady for extra caramel, costing me $0.30 more, and OMG the drink turned out so delicious!!!!! It's comparable to Starbucks' caramel frappuchino (my fav frapp from there). The main difference is texture. McDonald's is a lot more thin and liquidy while the frapp is thicker obviously. Anyways, every time I go order the caramel iced coffee from McDonald's now, I always add extra caramel. That's my secret! Hehe.

Click here for the video or watch below:

Okay, that was a super long post. I hope you guys read through it without falling asleep >.<

xo Tracey

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